My wife feminized me

I am the maid Sophie, leading the way of life 24/7 BDSM Femdom. At the moment I am 31 years old. My wife feminized me, and now she is my mistress. Sorry for my bad English.

My name was John. When I was 24, I started a delivery business in London. Things prospered, I led a dissolute life, I went to strip clubs, casinos, cafes, restaurants.

Once in one of the clubs, a stripper, after another dance, said that in the evening there will be a closed BDSM party and for regular customers admission is free. At that time, I amused myself with light, vanilla BDSM with prostitutes. The topic intrigued me and in the evening, at the appointed time, I came to the club.

At the entrance to the basement they issued carnival masks so that those present could remain anonymous. On the edge of the large room there were sofas for guests, and in the center some guy took turns whipping two women with whips. The show did not make much of an impression on me. An attractive waitress approached me with a drink. Blonde with long hair, above average height, oval, slightly elongated face, green eyes, athletic build, ass and tits elastic.

I invited her to sit down, but she said that she would be at work and would be free only in an hour. Waiting until the end of the working day, we went to a night cafe, sat down at a table and ordered coffee. She told about herself that her name was Sarah, she was 27 years old, although apparently I didn’t notice a difference of three years, rather, on the contrary, I thought she was younger than me. She worked as a bartender in a club and worked as a waitress at private parties.

We started dating and I did not notice how I fell in love. I admired her energy, warmth, sexuality and sense of humor. During the day, I had affairs so I saw her only in the evenings and nights, and even then she was at work. At BDSM parties we have seen a lot and we are interested in the topic. On weekends, we gathered in a small London apartment and tried to repeat something we had seen at parties. A year later, we got married and bought a huge two-story estate outside the city.

I met Sarah’s mom, who worked as a partner in a large law firm. Julia, was a serious woman of 45 years old, with a strong-willed, heavy look, blue eyes, dark, short-haired hair, above average height and dense build, but not fat. Julia strictly adhered to conservative English views. A little later, I learned from Sarah that it was her mother who helped her get working waitress into closed BDSM parties. After all, it was well paid there, plus a solid tip from, a wealthy public. In her youth, Julia worked as a BDSM Mistress in clubs and salons, while she studied law. Therefore, it was not difficult for her to arrange her daughter.

Sarah quit her job to see us more often. We went in for sports in a fitness club and went to private BDSM parties. The basement in our house was converted for BDSM games. There she was like a wild tigress, domineering and strong-willed, and sometimes submissive and pliable. Every time we changed roles. The games were light and vanilla. We watched KINK and tried to repeat the same thing. Although I was already married, but I could not get rid of the old entertainment.

At work, I sometimes fucked my secretary Jane. At parties, Sarah met other ladies who, in their families, lead the BDSM lifestyle. While I was at work, she was engaged in household chores, and by half the day she was inviting her friends to the house for tea and small talk.

Once we were invited to a Halloween party. My wife ordered the costumes of the witch and the vampire. In the evening I returned from work and we had a wild sex. An hour later on the threshold stood the courier with the package. We took the box with clothes and decided to take another look in bed. Sex was sensual and tender. After, I decently drank alcohol. It was time to gather for the neighbors for the holiday. When we opened the boxes, we found that instead of a vampire costume, there was a maid uniform.

Apparently wrong delivery, we decided. Sarah called the store, but it was already closed. Then she put on a witch costume and suggested that I wear a maid costume. I began to resent and say that she was crazy. A scandal broke out. Before the party left half an hour. I quickly phoned the shops, but many were already closed in honor of the holiday, while in others everything was already taken down. I wanted to go like that, but Sarah said that they just wouldn’t let me through.

It would be better not to go anywhere than to disgrace in this form, I said. In the end, my wife convinced me to wear a maid costume. She promised that she would make me so sad that no one would even recognize me, especially since I was thin, but athletic and in a high voice. For half an hour, Sarah did the impossible and when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself, of course I looked ridiculous, and I felt the same way. Sarah, looking at me, smiled and said it was fun! We left the house and went to the neighbors. Houses in that place are rarely located.

We were met by the hostess of the house, Debra, a friend of my wife, with whom they met at the BDSM party and immediately found common interests, trips to the themed clubs, fitness classes, and conversations in a cafe. Debra, a girl with white, long hair, thirty years of medium height, she is the owner of a network of the best beauty salons in London. The party went quickly and unnoticed, despite the fact that I was a little nervous. There, I drank a few more glasses of wine and calmed down. The mansion was full of people in suits, my wife’s friends, my friends from work, neighbors, and many others, fortunately Sarah was right, no one recognized me.

We had fun all over the place in the basement and bought different sex toys, BDSM, many different latex, vinyl, leather, satin, satin costumes. We liked everything new. We loved to experiment. All goods were expensive and of high quality. We were against cheap Chinese nonsense and consumer goods, knowing that such attributes are not durable. My wife’s friend Amanda, the owner of BDSM shops in London. There we bought most of the goods. A girl of thirty, with long dark hair and a sly foxish look, was engaged not only in buying and selling goods, but also in creating exclusive attributes for the order.

Sometimes I left my wife tied up in the basement for a couple of hours, but she was either chosen or I came to dinner and untied. In role-playing games, we changed into different costumes and switched roles. That she was in the role of a strict teacher, then I was a robber, and she was in the role of a victim, then she was a police officer, then a nurse, now a sexy, obedient cat, then she was a prisoner, and I was a guard and vice versa. The year passed unnoticed.

One day, Sarah bought a plastic device of chastity and offered to use it in games, to which I agreed. Although I did not know what it was and why. I came home from work, took a shower, ate and we headed to the basement. There she undressed and she put a plastic chastity device on my dick and began to seduce with caress. I felt my cock hardening and becoming cramped, but he could not get up. The desire for sex has increased. After twenty minutes of prelude, Sarah took it off, he stood up like a stone and we had sex.

In the end, I described to her my incredible feelings, and she said that she needed to be repeated more often. Once on Friday I came tired, so exhausted at work for the whole week that I had no strength. We started to play, but we didn’t finish, because I fell asleep right in the chastity belt. In the morning I woke up from a sharp pain in the groin area. The device of chastity blocked the morning riser. I sharply stiffened from surprise and heard the crunch. When I took off the panties I saw that the plastic device burst on the penis. Sarah removed the lock and we carefully removed it. We sighed in frustration, as we liked the toy.

A week later, I asked my wife to buy another chastity belt. This time she bought another model, ostensibly from more durable plastic. We used it in games for about a month. The first time I put it on in the morning for work was to come in the evening excited and ready for sex games. In the evening, when I came back, she was wearing a red latex suit, tight-fitting all over her body, a black corset, high-heeled vinyl boots. Sarah ordered me to undress and kneel, she put a collar on me and I kissed her boots.

My wife opened the crotch and sat on my face. I began to lick her pussy and was so excited that I again heard a crunch in the groin area, but this time it hurt, because one side of the plastic squeezed the flesh of the penis. Sarah got off my face from my moans and immediately took out the key to remove the lock. I grabbed the fork from the coffee table and gently, piece by piece, broke off the plates. After 5 minutes of monotonous work, the device of chastity was removed, and since then we no longer bought it.

A year has passed, we are all tired, and could not think of anything new. At the weekend, we dismantled the attic and dug up carnival costumes from Halloween among the rubbish. Sarah suggested that I put on a maid uniform in bed. At first I hesitated a little, but then I thought why not, because I already wore a costume for a holiday, and in public, and here only for my own wife. The vegetation on my face still has not grown.

Sarah in front of the mirror put on me makeup, put on a wig, put on stockings on her legs and put on play shoes from the sex shop, but as soon as I took a few steps, I immediately fell. Rising, I looked at myself in the mirror and was a little excited. My wife was wearing a black latex jumpsuit and vinyl boots. Sharply bending me over my knee, she lifted her dress and began to slap on the ass, I was excited and flushed with shame. Then she ordered to kneel down and kiss her boots. After some time, she taught me to walk in heels. As it turned out, this is pretty simple.

In the meantime, I started having problems at work. For two whole months I was there until the night, but I did not move a single step. And all because of some legal formalities that at one time were not respected. I came home at night, exhausted, and immediately went to bed. Then Sarah asked her mother Julia to help me with this. The next day she arrived at the office. At that time I was fucking secretary Jane on a leather couch. The guard on the phone said that some woman came up to me to work. We quickly got dressed and Jane went out at the time when my mother-in-law came in.

I had a slightly disheveled look, but she said nothing. How lucky, I thought, that she did not understand. Julia asked for all the documentation to assess the severity of the problem and joined the work. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I settled all the problems literally in a week. Since then, delays and sleepless nights have stopped. After work, I could allow me to watch TV, lie down on the couch, have a beer and enjoy the ride with my wife.

Once we were lying in bed with Sarah and were discussing what sexual scenario we could come up with for our games. Here we remembered the device of chastity. I said it was a bad idea, the last time plastic so squeezed a member that I almost hurt him. Sarah said she had found a more expensive counterpart, but from metal, showing pictures on a laptop and assured that he would not break with excitement. After reviewing it, I agreed.

The next day, Sarah brought it. In the evening, she put the device on my dick and locked it with a hanging, metal, small lock. The device turned out to be slightly larger than my penis, but when it began to swell, I felt cramped and tense. She hung the key on the chain and put it on the neck, so that it hung between the breasts, and she sat on my face. After cunnilingus, my cock was so tense that it wanted to be free.
On the weekends, we used him again, but this time she wore her black, latex suit and long boots, and I changed into a maid. Then there was a click, she took a picture of me on the phone.

I was frightened and began to resent, but she assured that it was for us, for the sake of a joke! After an hour, I asked Sarah to open it, but she said that it needed to be earned. Then she sat on my face, unzipping the pussy area, and I licked her. Then, she opened the belt and we had regular sex, after throwing off the costumes. I even put it on to work in the evening to come more excited and with a great desire to have sex.

One Friday, she forgot a purse and a bunch of keys in Debra’s beauty salon. We called Debra, but she said that she left town for the weekend. The problem was that the left things lay in a private office on the table, and there is only access to the owner of the institution. Sarah pulled out a gag member and spent the whole weekend I was satisfying my wife that way. On Monday morning, Debra brought a purse and a bunch of keys, with a radiant, impish smile on her face from under a transparent umbrella. I quickly opened the device and my wife gave me a terrific blowjob.

In the summer, we celebrated Sarah’s thirtieth birthday in a luxurious restaurant, and in the evening she invited her friends. Debra and Amanda came, they looked like sexy socialite. They sat in the hall, and when I passed by, they looked at each other, whispering and giggling. In the evening, we changed into costumes and Sarah, during a blowjob, thrust a finger into my anus.

I writhed, gasped in surprise, and wanted to rebel, but then I felt an unusual feeling from the movement of a finger inside. In the morning she asked if I liked, to which I replied that it was pleasant, but strange. Next week we played a gangster and a policeman. My wife chased me around the estate and finally dumped me on a bed in the bedroom. With handcuffs, she deftly fastened me to the headboard and gagged her mouth. Sarah opened the chest, which stood behind the bed and began to dig there. A minute later she came to me with a strap-on and a bottle of lubricant.

I was frightened, realizing what was the matter, I began to twitch on the bed, wriggling on my stomach, but the handcuffs held me tight. I grunted something unintelligible through the gag, Sarah laughed, fell in behind and started to fuck my ass. At first it was a little painful, then I felt that I wanted to go to the toilet, but after that, a shiver ran through the whole body and it became disgracefully pleasant. When my dick began to drip from her, she stopped, unfastened me and finished sex with a deep blowjob. Later, we started doing this more often, but I was already in the maid outfit, and my wife came up with a game name for me, how about Sophie, she said once when I was in the image.

Later, she began to put a chastity device on my dick at night. In the morning there was a hard riser, but the cell restrained him. Sometimes I locked up for a whole week, but I quickly found a way to defuse myself. Since the cage was slightly large for my penis, I thrust my fingers between the bars and pulled it along with the device. My dick rubbed against the walls of the cell, thus I got an orgasm without removing the device of chastity.

Then I hooked it up and was able to pull it out by squeezing the eggs. For a month I abandoned fitness, and after work I lay on the sofa, sipped beer with chips and watched TV. In the second month I gained extra ten kilograms. Sarah said that the device will open only when I lose weight. I went back to the gym again and became involved. Sarah wore the key to the cage on a chain that hung around her neck and hung down to her breasts. After two weeks I went to the store of household goods and bought the exact same padlock that was on my device of chastity. Now I had a secret key. I kept fucking the secretary in my office.

One day I was fucking Jane on the table, and my secretary went to have lunch. The door to the office creaked at that moment, I turned around and saw the following: Sarah was standing on the threshold, wearing a beige raincoat, from under which were netted stockings, with brightly colored lips in red, with a black briefcase that contained sex toys. I was just at that moment finished on Jane’s lower back. Fierce scandal began.

She broke into the whole office, throwing a briefcase at me and a key to the device of chastity ripped from my neck. In the evening when I came home there was no one. A day passed, but Sarah did not appear. The next day I watched a porn movie and jerked off. Suddenly Julia appeared in the hall. She looked at me and said that it was an abomination. My mother-in-law collected her daughter’s things and left. A whole week and did not find a place. All waited for Sarah to return. Most of all I was afraid of a divorce for two reasons. Firstly, I was so attached to her, and secondly, she could sue half of the property and business. Another week passed, I called and said that I was ready for everything if only she would return.

The next day, Sarah came. Outwardly, she has changed, has become a more sophisticated and sexy lady. Blond hair was cut so that it barely touched the shoulder, large pearl earrings with dangling tassels, a white fur coat with a basque jacket, leather skirt, boots with heels, and leather elbowed gloves with a large diamond ring .

«Good! Now we will play by my rules.»

During the week she transported all things back. In the evening, she measured my penis far and wide and wrote everything down. I did not give it due value. Only after that we had sex. On Saturday morning, my wife drove to her mom, then to her friend Amanda, and after that she took me to the beauty salon to Debra.

«We will make you a piercing on the penis, said the ladies, unless of course you do not mind.»

I was stunned and began to protest, but my wife reminded me of my own words.

«You said you were ready for anything!»

The only solution was to save our marriage, she said firmly, and pointed to the cabinet. Debra assured that the procedure is painless. A little hemmed in, I agreed. When I was naked on the couch, she smeared and waited some time, then she took something, I turned away at that moment and closed my eyes, and once, the mosquito bit me like a bite. I left the office with a rod on the penis. Then we began to live as before. I thought that everything had settled and forgotten.

Four months later, Julia and Amanda were our guests. As usual, they were sitting in the hall, drinking tea, talking to secular topics. After leaving, the ladies left the box on the table. Sarah unfolded, there was a device for chastity Lori, made for a special order. In the evening, she took the barbell out of my penis and inserted a ring, then placed the device of chastity on my penis and click, locked it, and hung the key on her neck.

«Your dick and eggs are now my property, from now on I will decide when you can get an orgasm», she said and turned on her side and fell asleep.

Let’s start with the fact that my penis was very crowded, the option to pull through the cell disappeared by itself. The lock was built in and recessed there, and the key is non-standard, I have never seen anything like it. The ring inserted into the member, prevented him from pulling out. The device was not heavy and was easily hidden under clothes.

For a week I was shocked by the fact that I could not take it off. I tried almost everything. On the Internet, I came across how they are cut with an electric drill or grinder. The problem was that I did not have the tools, and even if I had been, I did not know how to use them. Surely I would hurt my dick and Sarah would see traces of unauthorized hacking.

I spent two weeks in it, and all this time I was madly looking for sex, but Sarah said if I asked to remove the cage, she would increase the term indefinitely. All this time she went around the house in calling outfits, sperm dripped from me, there were wet dreams at night, I did not have time to wash myself. I had to write while sitting on the toilet.

I began to care for her like when, we just met and even better. Drove to the best restaurants, expensive boutiques, beauty salons, gave flowers, licked her and even fucked with a rubber gag member.

A month passed and one evening I was lying on the bed, and she playfully sat on top of me. Before I could come to my senses, my hands were handcuffed to the bed. Sarah removed the key and unlocked the chastity device. After a deep blowjob, my wife took the rider’s position and began to jump on my cock with rhythmic movements. As soon as I finished, I felt freedom and relief, but in less than a minute Sarah took a horse stack and began to spank in the balls so that I howled.

When a member of pain decreased, she put on the device of chastity and locked the key. I was shocked and became indignant. Sarah unfastened me from the bed and went, and I started screaming after her to take it off. My wife said coldly and firmly that she was adding a week to my indefinite time, but I hadn’t calmed down for two weeks, she continued, for three weeks, and when the month sounded I was silent. It became clear that she was very determined, and if I took the key now, then the relationship would end.

A month passed, my eggs swelled. Sarah pulled a strap-on and fucked me in the ass, I did not get an orgasm, but then the sperm flowed out and I felt the tension go away, and with it comes relief. Another month passed and I was already going crazy. My wife offered to get me a tattoo as a sign of confirmation of loyalty. Debra arrived at the house and pinned a tattoo on her shaved groin, crossed out, with a key, a lock with an inscription above him «Sophie, the property of Mrs. Sarah». I blushed with shame when a friend of my wife saw that I was wearing a chastity device, but she reacted calmly and was not even surprised. On the same evening we had sex, but all for the same program. I began to feel a little control from my wife.

My head was porridge, I thought only about how to remove the device of chastity and masturbate. The erection was strong and the member dug into the device, but the cell was strong and did not allow him to get up. I began to help my wife around the house in household affairs.
About a month later, Sarah brought the picture and said that she would like to see a maid tattoo on me. I agreed, in the hope that she would unlock my dick. We went to the salon where Debra gave me a hysterical maid tattoo, just above the waist. When the work was finished, the ladies brought a mirror into which I saw, a sexy brunette in the uniform of a servant, with an open mouth, with her palms clutching at her cheeks, and on the apron was an inscription:

“Maid Sophie”.

In the evening, Sarah again fastened me to the bed, but was in no hurry to open the device. She brought a powerful vibrator to the cage and after a while sperm came out of me, but I did not get an orgasm. The tension was relieved and relief came, but I was surprised by this new approach. I did not object and ask.

This time the blocking took about two months. I almost climbed the wall from the fact that I could not get an orgasm. I had a fantasy that Sarah could lose the key and I would stay in the device of chastity for life. From such fantasies, I was very excited and felt a little scary. I remember, on a day off in the evening, my wife asked if I would not want to jerk off, but with one condition. Sarah took out a pile of papers and said that she would unlock me if I sign the contract of our game relationship.

I wanted to finish so much that I signed everything without reading it, she added her signatures. After that, my wife opened the chastity device and left. I began to masturbate, finished several times in a row and fell asleep. In the morning I woke up from the familiar pain in the groin area, it was the morning riser, but it was hampered by the device of chastity, which was already on me, locked onto the lock.

A year has passed since I was already in the device of chastity Lori. There were no problems at work, and I left the director to manage the campaign, while on the advice of my wife I went on a long-term leave, the first in many years. My hair on my head was very overgrown and I wanted to have a haircut, but Sarah asked me to save as is, she said very sexy.

Passed about a month of my vacation. During the week my wife suggested that I go to a beauty salon, she said there was a surprise waiting for me. On Sunday evening, Debra met me at the salon and offered to put me in order for our erotic games in the bedroom. I became agitated, slightly embarrassed and began to think about what other details my wife’s friend knows, but she quickly calmed me down.

That evening, Debra made me a complete epilation of my body, which was very painful, she cut her hair under the classic bob, pierced her ears and put in earrings, plucked her eyebrows and put on make-up. I missed the clothes, but I did not find them on the spot. As it turned out, my wife had already prepared for me a maid uniform, and in the one that I came to the beauty salon, I took it home and left a note that was waiting for me at home.

When I put on my uniform I got excited, looking at myself in the mirror. After, I got into the car and drove to the house. All this extreme excited. Sarah was waiting for me there in a red vinyl suit and black high-heeled boots. All week we played role-playing games, the hostess and the maid. I did housework and served mistress. A week later, my wife, before removing the device of chastity, said that I could jerk off on her boots, but I would have to clean up with my tongue.

The excitement overpowered and I agreed to this, she removed the device, but when I finished it, I backed away. Then my wife grabbed my hair and began poking her face with sperm. Later the device of chastity turned on me again. My wife has changed, become more stringent and demanding. I kept cleaning the house. For my mistakes, she punished me with a whipping with a belt, stack, rattan or walking stick, and sometimes she put me on peas.

A month later, my wife put a branding on my ass, on the right, with the inscription «slut.» I remember she said it was temporary, but two years had passed and the stigma did not come off. I spent nine months in the device of chastity. Twice a month, Sarah fucked me with a strap-on or relieved me with a vibrator, but I didn’t get an orgasm. I never went to work, and settled all the questions by telephone and via the Internet.

Chastity delivered a lot of inconvenience. Then I found the website of the manufacturer of the device Chastity Lori on the Internet and emailed her anonymously, hoping to get a spare key. I came up with a story that my wife lost the key and we need a spare, but was refused. As it turned out, she get many similar letters. When ordering the device of chastity Lori, the ladies provided an identity card and wrote a letter by hand, so only the key owners could order a spare one.

One day my wife said that she would let me out of the cage, but I had to sign legal papers. I started asking questions, but Sarah took the horse stack and touched my member locked in a cage, I was in a fever, my head was spinning and a shiver ran through my body. When I arrived at the office, my mother-in-law Julia and my wife’s friend Debra, who was a legal witness, sat at the table.

And here I am in the presence of three ladies, embarrassed, put signatures on the documents. The ladies secured with their signatures and Julia formalized the legal documents officially, according to which I voluntarily transfer my business, home, cars, bank accounts and all other property to my wife. After that we went to BDSM-SHOP, where Amanda was waiting for us.

My wife took off the device of chastity, as promised, but she began to masturbate herself. As soon as the orgasm came she destroyed it. The lady deftly brought the device back and locked it. After the ladies were convinced that the device of chastity is sitting securely, Amanda broke off the ends of the screw lock with a special tool. Now it was not possible to open it with a key. Sarah took off her neck with a key and threw it away. I got scared and started asking questions, but I received a firm answer.

«Since you are no longer a husband, but my maid, that little thing between your legs will only distract you from your duties. The maid does not need a member. You can not be my husband and slave-maid at the same time, respectively, from this moment chastity will be permanent.»

I began to resent, protest, but she reminded me of a contract that I signed a year ago, in which I voluntarily agree to a BDSM relationship and pledge to wear a chastity device.

«You have already made a choice for a long time, and there is no way back, accept it!»

I was shocked and depressed, but at the same time very excited. Now I belonged entirely to my wife, but I was not fully aware of this.
When we returned home, I found that there were no men’s clothes in the closets. My wife took everything to the warehouse, then to sell. Instead, on the bed lay a new maid uniform and other custom-made accessories.

Early in the morning, Sarah put a wide leather collar on me, with a metal insert inside and two built-in rings, so that my head involuntarily turned out to be high straight up and snapped on the lock. Black vinyl stockings. Black vinyl gloves just above the elbow. Earrings inserted into the ears, painted lips, summed eyelashes, eye shadow, blush, in general, a complete set. I put on the maid’s uniform, black and white color, made of satin, vinyl, with a short, full skirt and sleeves, locking the built-in lock on the back of the collar.

On hair, she fixed a white cap to complete the image. Then Sarah took a black leather corset and tightly laced on me from behind, fastening the straps with padlocks. I put on boots flats, on high heels of vinyl, just below the knee, laced them up with a bow, fastened the straps just above the ankle and hung the clasps. She dress a white apron on her waist and tied a large, lush bow at the back.

«Here is a list of household chores that need to be done. I’ll be back late!»

I just opened my mouth, she slapped me a loud slap in the face and said:

«For the work alive!»

All day I was lying on the couch watching TV, but I didn’t do anything. In the evening, my wife whipped me with a rod.

The next morning, Sarah added several attributes to my image. On her hands she fastened handcuffs from which there were three chains, one of them was wrapped around the waist, inserted into the corset like a belt, but more freely, the other was attached to the ring of the collar, and the third hung down and fastened to the foot shackles that clicked on the ballet shoes. Now the hands were always at the waist level and did not reach the member locked in the device of chastity.

Sarah opened her purse and put there a bunch of keys to my attributes. I again began to protest, but my wife said you are too talkative. Sarah pulled out, a long and thick gag member, with a big ball at the end and began to push through me deep in my mouth until I wrapped my lips around a black ball, from which were straps fastened at the back of the head.

From the side, it looked like an ordinary gag-ball, but inside, the rubber member filled the entire cavity of the mouth, tightly pressing the tongue to the bottom. For a second, I decided that I was going to suffocate now, but no, the size was perfect and now I could only moo.

I looked at myself in the mirror and my dick pulsed from his own kind. The dress was so short that it barely hid the marked ass and chastity device. All morning I tried to open the shackles and locks, but they were individual work and did not yield. The day spent with a gag in his mouth made itself felt, saliva flowed and jaw ached. I didn’t ask any more questions. My wife began to sleep separately.

I clean a huge country house on two floors plus a basement and an attic. Every morning I put on a maid’s dress, a tight corset with lacing, stockings, earrings, gloves, boots in high heels, cosmetics. I need to make the bed, make breakfast, clean the dust, clean the floors, wash the clothes, cook dinner, wash the dishes, iron the clothes, wash the bath, clean the toilet, set the table, meet my mistress at home and greet. All day in heels and in such clothes. My back hurts, I don’t feel my legs anymore, but my head aches from the sound, locks and tapping my heels. In addition, the device of chastity causes inconvenience.

Through the Internet, I sent an email to Lori, saying that my wife broke the chastity device after nine months of abstinence, but there was silence in response. Then I sent another one with a request to fix it or help it, I wrote that I was ready to pay a lot of money, although I didn’t have it anymore. Lori answered:

«Since my wife broke the device, it means there were reasons for that. You were able to withstand nine months, which means you are ready for constant chastity.»

Lori, spoke about the strict ladies who kept their slaves in the cells for ten years, denying orgasm. When I read, I didn’t believe in this and didn’t give due importance.

A week later, I anonymously wrote to several dominant ladies whom I could find on the Internet, asking for help to remove the device. Professional mistress who led the way of life BDSM. I explained to them the situation about how i made thoughtless steps, with the device of chastity and property. A few days later, two answers came. Goddess Ezada Sinn wrote:

«I support your wife and am very happy for your success.» Mistress Ingrid Frost wrote:

«Your mistress treats you too well, given the fact that you have free access to the Internet and send a letter to me, without the knowledge of your mistress. If you were my slave you would not have that freedom. You would live in a cage 24/7 and eat my shit as your main food for life.»

I was scared and even excited. There were several more letters asking me to send a photo, saying that this could not be, I do not believe you and so on.

Every morning I have to cook breakfast and wake up my lady, but once overslept. Awakened by a strong blow to the ass. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that my hands were handcuffed to the bed, and Sarah was standing with a belt and whipping me on her bare ass. After a spanking week, I could not sit normally.

In the beauty salon had to go every week. A month later, Debra pierced my tongue in four places and inserted three metal bars and a ring on the tip of the tongue. It became difficult to talk. When everything healed, I licked my wife’s pussy almost every day.

My wife began to manage the company and things, to my surprise, went better, the company began to develop. Some time later, I began to notice, my hair grows slower, my butt is rounded, my calves become more elastic and my breasts slightly increased.

I remember my wife having a party at our estate. Invited her friends, neighbors, campaign workers. The company signed a lucrative contract and they noted. Sarah said that the guests would come, and I would have to go with a tray and serve them in the lobby. At the party, nobody recognized me, not even my secretary, Jane. My friends introduced my wife to Regina, a plastic surgeon. Regina, the red-haired girl kept looking at me all the time.

The next day, Sarah said that she wanted to slightly increase my lips, but I replied that I no longer want to play Mrs. and the maid. My wife answered coldly:

«Sophie is no longer a game, but a way of life, only now everyone has his place.»

«My name is not Sophie!»

«Is it really? Your appearance and marks on the body indicate the opposite. If you want to remain my slave, stop contradicting me, and if not, then you can be free. Think till tomorrow.»

A week later, I already took tests, and then I went for an operation.

«Why so many tests for some lips,» I asked.

Regina said that it is necessary that there are many ways to increase the lips, but this is the safest and most reliable.

When I woke up from anesthesia, I found a strange feeling in my chest and face. Mouth and chest were in bandages. Hands could not be raised because of a wild chest pain. When Regina unwound the bandages, I saw an elastic size DD chest, and my lips were greatly enlarged. As usual, I did not read, then agree and signed an agreement for two operations. At first I was scared and panicked from what I saw, but Regina came up behind me and clasped my chest, flirting with nipples and biting my ear.

Later, my wife told me that she had given me hormones with food for several months. I was placed in a rehabilitation center for three months, where they provided proper care, did massage and gave some drugs. After the center, I felt even better than before the operation. When I returned to the mansion, the maid’s uniform was already lying on the bed. I returned to my household duties and I still wanted to jerk off.

One evening my lady arrived with a strong, tall man. When they sat down to watch TV, Sarah called me and said:

«Go to the store for condoms.»

My cock throbbed even more for humiliation, I blushed with shame. When I arrived they were already undressing in the bedroom. Sarah grabbed me and made me kneel. I faced his hefty dick. I’ve never seen this size before. At first, he began to slap his cock, lips, forehead and cheeks. Grabbing his hair, he tried to enter my mouth, but I kept it closed. Then he gave me a slight slap in the face and my mouth opened. I sucked him with my plump lips deeper and deeper, until he reached my throat.

After the blowjob, he grabbed me and threw me on the bed, lifting up my dress. I tried to fight back, but Sarah fastened the handcuffs on my hands from behind. The man spat and began to enter his huge penis, I opened my mouth and eyes wide. So began my first sex with a man. After anal sex, he finished in my mouth and forced to swallow. I have sperm drained from the device of chastity and I was relieved. What a shame, I thought.

Sarah brought men once a week. The two of us were fucked like clockwork. I began to enjoy rough sex and I did not get off their members.
I remember my mother-in-law Julia came to the estate. She was wearing a leather, tight skirt with a frill just below the knee. High-heeled leather boots, long gloves above the elbow, a shirt, a leather jacket, a choker on the neck of large pearls, and a vintage hat adorned his hair. She had a bag on her hand, and she was holding a bottle of wine in her hands.

«Sophie, will you take it at last or will I still be standing?»

I took the purchase from the mother-in-law, but she took me by the chin, turned it over and said, and the discipline is lame.

«Julia, I understand …»

Blinking her eyes, Julia, slapped me a loud slap in the face and corrected:

«Mistress Julia! You stupid whore! Have you been allowed to open your mouth? Manners have not been taught to you either, but we will quickly fix it.»

A few days later, Sarah flew away on a business trip for a whole month, while I stayed with my mother-in-law. In the evening, Julia spread her legs on the bed.

«They say that you have a hot tongue.»

I refused to lick her crotch. Then Julia grabbed me and dragged me to the basement. There she handcuffed my hands to the top bar, took the whip and began to smack. What I felt earlier from Sarah seemed easy compared to this whipping. Finally she stopped. I thought it was over, but that was just the beginning, she sweated and decided to take off her shirt and bra.

Julia stayed in the skirt. She was wet with sweat, but continued to smack. I screamed and cried and begged to stop, but Julia did not know mercy. My mother-in-law has an iron hand and a heart of stone. Julia literally let go of the skin of the whip. Once again, she stopped to circle me in a circle and take a breath. Then she took out a cigarette and lit it.

Julia told me the news. As it turned out, it was she who gave the idea of permanent device chastity Lori and made an order. The contract was also the idea of my mother in law. About sex with the secretary at work, she also understood.

Julia was away for a few minutes, and when she came, she said loudly.

«Carry on ladies.»

Debra and Amanda went down to the basement in black, vinyl romper, with whips in their hands. The ladies gagged my mouth and began to whip on the back and ass. I lost consciousness due to the wild pain, and when I came to, I thought that my body had been torn to the point of meat or bones. I looked in the mirror and saw that the back and the bum were only red, but there was no blood. I no longer objected to her.
Mistress Julia wrote strict rules and began to maintain discipline in the house.

For a month, the mother-in-law added a few more changes in my body. She pierced the septum of the nose and inserted a ring, made piercing of the lower lip and navel, pierced the nipples and inserted the rods. Between her breasts, she tattooed the lady of spades, and on her ass on the left, a high-heeled shoe with the inscription «under the heel of Julia.»

A month later, Sarah arrived and did not recognize me. I was standing in the hall with my head down, eyes downcast, staring at the floor with my hands on my belt. In the presence of a lady, it is forbidden for me to look directly until there is a corresponding order. For all orders, I answer:

«Yes, Mistress.»

In the evening, Julia, Amanda, Debra and Sarah gathered in the hall with the papers for divorce. In the presence of powerful women, I signed everything, kneeling. Now I am pierced, marked, ringed and completely property by two women. A few days later, my ex-wife reported that in a month she was getting married.

A month later, she married to man named Tom. In the evening I prepared the marriage bed and gave him a blowjob from which mascara flowed. Sarah spat in my face and rubbed her hand. Then I stood near the bed, in maid uniform, with a tray of a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses, and my lady held me by a leash attached to my collar, while her husband fucked her with cancer in ass. Sarah moaned loudly for the whole house:

«Fuck me hard, deeper, stronger, fuck my ass»

My dick pulsed, and I burned with shame. They drank champagne and went into the shower, and I remained standing by the bed until the next order … [email protected]